#SoapSummary - Track 1 - “Creative Looting in Times of Austerity”

 Explaining our latest Album 'Creative Looting in Times of Austerity' in more detail.

We're offering a track by track guide to draw you in.

We're also including Lyrics, Teasers, Artwork, Credits, Trivia and Links.


Track 1.

“Creative Looting in Times of Austerity”


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What's It All About Then?...

"They’re all the same. We need to understand this. 
Like a well-oiled Mafiosi with PR to die for, whatever their flag. 
At the very least can we have some fun at their expense? 
Vote #NOTA"

...And The Sound?

"We're living in times of chaos, overload and everyone is holding on tight to something...anything.
There's no specific mention or reference to 'Lockdown' on this record, and that's deliberate.
We didn't want to fall into THAT trap, despite it being conceived before, during and after.
The only real pointer is our slightly tighter line-up this time.
The title track needed to convey the amount of information, real and unreal that we receive everyday all in one hit.
We asked two of the finest wordsmiths we know to front it and their only brief was our title.
It needed to point to the crap things that crap people do.
It then needed a diversion. We forget all of the crap so easily when we're under fire.
The sound? We're big fans of Primal Scream's 'XTRMNTR' Album, and there's cues from multiple tracks in this baby.
Play it full blast on phones and you'll get the idea."


Special Guests:

Belligerence & Sarcasm: Mr Nick Razzo. 

Road Safety & Beat Poetry: cassettes.

Chorus Vocals:  Aurora Lee. 

Song Credits - Barrett / Razzo / Reeves / Lee
Sounds & Production: The Soap Company. 
Recorded At The Space Station (Wallington Sy),  Autorotation HQ (Deptford), 
Razzo’s Den (Cronx) & cassettes HQ (Shields).

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