For some of you...It's all about the lyrics.
So, for your pleasure, here's our entire canon of tracks with vox and spoken word parts all neatly transcribed 
for you to have a sing-a-long to :)
Click to blow them up.
They're in running order from the albums they're from, so here we go, get learning!

"Creative Looting In Times Of Austerity" - Music HERE

"It's My Radar To Intercept The World" - Music HERE

"I Keep Dreaming About You" - Music HERE

"Amyl Nights" - Music HERE

"Big Bang" - Music HERE

"Danger!" - Music HERE

"File Under 'Pop'" - Music HERE


A little bit of news for Soap Company appreciators here...
We're proud to announce that one of our number has been hard at work with the rather fine London band Factory Floor in our studios in Barbican helping mix their new single (R E A L L O V E).
It was slaved and tweaked on over five graveyard shifts of jovial humiliation, impromptu naps and wine gum thieving sessions with the band themselves and resulted in one of the heftiest bastard Dance singles of the year.

The single was produced by New Order's Stephen Morris and is available HERE on 12" and HERE on digital.

Here's the track to have a taste: