The Crew

We've had a few people ask us what we and our collaborators look like.
We've always liked to keep things anonymous, but if you insist, and it makes us more 'Human' to you, who are we to refuse...

Here's the line-up on the latest 2016 project...
(If they're up to no good musically elsewhere, their name will be clickable)

Aurora Lee                                     The Big Boss

Cagey Bee                                         cassettes

The Casual Sexists                                 Craig Yamey

Fujie Yoshimoto                                     DJ Rob Delta 

Hazy Fiction                                         Igor Olejar

Jonny Beaulaxe                                Kirsten Morrison

Leselie Victor                                   Lorraine Jones

Nick de Razzo                                  Nikki Van Deventer

Robyn Sellman                                  Shimrit Elisar

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