#SoapSummary - Track 3 - “Paranoia, Peppers and Milk”


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Track 3.

“Paranoia, Peppers and Milk”


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What's It All About Then?...

"The World’s most influential Artist is in hiding. 
Walls are closing in. 
His diet - it’s got to be said - is not up to scratch. 
Marvel at the tales of horror and narcotics in his shady underworld."

...And The Sound?

"Fascination with a particular Artist over our lives here in the band 
has ranged from 'Keen' to 'Disciple' over time, 
and whatever it's pitched at, it never quite goes away.
He's quite possibly the greatest influence on us as a band, 
solely enabling our genre-hopping spirit as well as not being afraid 
to be either weird or conventional (sometimes within one track).
So, this is a homage, albeit a cheeky one to the great Mr Bowie.
A fantasy account of one of his most interesting periods 
accompanied by the spirit of two of his finest records, 
the shimmering Edge-Pop of 'Low' and the 
sombre Jazz tones of his final 'Blackstar' mashed into one short tune.
Aurora's super sarcastic rendering of the Narration in the centre section shows genuine Comedy chops, 
and Craig's Soulful 'Young Americans' croon is knocked out of the park.
Let us ruin YOUR life"


Special Guest Voices:

Best Bowie: Craig Yamey

Space-Girl Conspiracy Theories:  Aurora Lee. 

Song Credits - Barrett / Yamey / Lee
Sounds & Production: The Soap Company. 
Recorded At The Space Station (Wallington Sy),  Autorotation HQ (Deptford).

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