2012 - Best 60 Films

Our Favourite 60 Films Of 2012:

Like we're sponges with our sounds, we at The Soap Company are SO into our vision too... 
Whether it's Popcorn Shoot-Em-Up's or South American Crime flicks,  
Asian Sci-Fi or European Period Drama...
...we have absolutely no prejudice! :)
Basically...If it floats our boat, it gets our vote.

So without further jibber jabber from us, 
Here's a list of the 60 films we'd say were well worth a check from the last 12 months, in order of preference.

As you get nearer to the top of the list of course, 
you're bordering on 'Essential' territory!

OH...And click the posters...You'll get a trailer to check, howzat for service?

Here's the rest we saw, ranging from, we think, good, to non-essential, to plain awful, in this order...
Room 237
Men In Black 3
Ruby Sparks
The Watch
Margin Call
Dark Shadows
A Fantastic Fear Of Everything
Searching For Sugar Man
Lay The Favourite
Woody Allen - A Documentary
The Impostor
Nostalgia For The Light
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Raid
The Campaign
The Kid With The Bike
Friends With Kids
The Dictator
This Means War
The Woman In The Fifth
Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift
The Lorax
The Wedding Video
To Rome With Love
Bombay Beach
Casa De Mi Padre
The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists
The Avengers Assemble
A Cat In Paris
A Dangerous Method
The Iron Lady
Two Years At Sea
Killer Joe
War Horse

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