The Soap Company - "Amyl Nights"

13 months in the making, and at last, Soap Company Album 3.

Released on our own 'Space Station Disco' imprint today.
Ladies & Gentlemen....We present to you....
(Voted No.33 in the Rocksucker '100 Best Albums Of 2013' HERE)
"Amyl Nights"

Nab the album from 
Bandcamp HERE 
Juno Download (192/320/WAV) HERE
(These price points were as low as we were allowed to put them)
(Individual tracks available also)

If you want to just listen before you take the plunge, check the lovely player beneath:
The whole album's action takes place over one rowdy, hedonistic night of clubbing....
From blagging the Deaf Doorman to the woozy Beach Comedown, there's even an, ahem, 'Bathroom Break'...

“It’s an LP constructed so as to take you on a journey, scrumptiously synaesthetic, pupil-dilating, lysergic grooves, the rush of a raving experience”.

“An Intriguing world created, a blur between gutter and the stars, a really stylish way of saying "f**k it"...A really defiant dance Album”.

OK, go on then...Here's a free track for a starter...

Oh yeah, There's more parts to the puzzle...

Here's a Trailer...

And Another...

Here's The Tracklist And Credits...(Click to blow-up)

Jeez, there's even the entire album to listen to and watch on special colour-coded animated videos on Youtube HERE
Can we literally do any more to entice you?

We've even had our first review of the record from the musical sponges and arbiters of great taste at the brilliant Rocksucker site.
Four and a half Quails out of Five, listen and read along!

And for an intriguing insight into how me made the record, plus some possibly libellous and arrestable satellite details around the 'making of' 
Here's a follow up interview in Rocksucker with Tony from the band HERE

Also, here's an edited version of 
"Your Love Surrounds My Heart With Sound (Radio Edit)" 
Buy it and stream from Bandcamp for 50p HERE
And from Juno Download  - 192/320 & WAV HERE

Here's a pretty video for the single...

Think we're done, All we need now, is your support and love.

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