The Soap Company - "I Keep Dreaming About You" - Out NOW!

Here it is...Our Brand New Album...
"I Keep Dreaming About You"

Sleeve Art (Without Snow) - Michael Casartelli

You can stream then buy it at our customary bargain price both here at Bandcamp...:

...And here at Juno

Here at iTunes

Here at GooglePlay

Here at Loudr

Also streaming here at Spotify

We've produced a custom made video for each of the tracks with lyrics included for your pleasure.
Watch the whole album here!

Also, if Soundcloud is your listening bag.
9 of the 13 tracks are available to stream...

We've also received our very first 5/5 review for this album.
It's on the superbly comprehensive musical emporium Rocksucker, give it a read HERE

Can't say fairer than that can you?
Now BUY IT! :)

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