December 2017

December 2017

Here's our Best of December mix. 20 top cuts, 91 Minutes of bliss...

Featuring:  Jim Copperthwaite / Elsa Hewitt / David Courtin / Lars Finberg / Art Feynman / Pye Corner Audio / Tony Tixier / Visible Cloaks / Virginia Wing & Xam Duo / Torn Sail
Irreversible Entanglements / Ahnnu / The Big Boss / Shanghai Restoration Project / Aleksi Perälä / Terrence Parker / N.E.R.D. / Teemu & The Deathblows / Intervals / Chloë March

Full Track List 

There's also a Spotify Playlist

Also...Here's 7 brilliant albums released this month.
Click the covers and you'll have an instant stream link (in most cases)
Have a check, then vote with your ears, buy physical copies or download them, or catch the acts live...
Let's keep these parties going.


 Ahnnu - Special Forces (NNA Tapes)

 Aleksi Perälä - Paradox (TRIP Records)

 The Big Boss - The Return Of The Big Boss (Ambiel)

 Chloë March - Blood-Red Spark (Hidden Shoal - Powderkeg)

 Elsa Hewitt - Peng Variations (ERH - Micro Spiral)

 Lars Finberg - Moonlight Over Bakersfield (In The Red Records)

Shanghai Restoration Project - R.U.R. (Undercover Culture Music)

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