2016 - Our Favourite Films

We've gone fully square-eyed this year, viewing around 180 of 2016's cinematic offerings.

Everything here was released here in the UK between January & December.

The list is simple, it goes from the top to the bottom in order of favour, best to average to ouch.

We hope we've unearthed some gems for you, and if you click the posters, it'll take you through to a trailer, so get watching...

And now, without further adieu, there's genius in the house...

All of the above we think are pretty damn fine watches.
The list from now on we consider to be more niche, more flawed, some are simply good to pass the time, 
but there's lots to love, and if you think these may be for you, we won't put you off.
Remember, click the posters for trailers...

OK...It's around here that the goodwill slightly falls off.
Most of the films in this next section are here because we were disappointed by them, 
hand on heart, can say we actually wouldn't mind our time back...


Have Fun...Over And Out

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