2012 - Best 30 Albums

Our Favourite 30 Albums Of 2012:
From nearly 2300 LP sized slabs of musical meat which we sniffed, skimmed, 
threw across the room and even took to bed with us at night, 
We made a shortlist of 300 and sculpted away, and away, and away...
Here's the 30 amazing survivors...

It's been a brilliant year for music, and you know we like to listen as much as we like to make, 
So we think 100% these 30 absolute stunners have made the trip worth the trudge.
Every single one deserves your purchase, 
Every artist here we think proficient to keep on delivering brilliance into infinity and beyond.

Some names you'll know, some maybe not, but they all should be filling your heads asap.
Come with us on a journey...

Welcome to our favourite 30 albums of 2012!

No.1 - Lone - "Galaxy Garden" 
"There's an OK Computer sized multi-coloured classic waiting in the wings from Lone". 

No.2 - Gaggle - "From The Mouth Of The Cave" 
"Like The Slits living in Castle Anthrax, Gaggle V-sign all other forces of nature".

No.3 - Skeleton$ (Big Band) - "The Bus" 
"One kaleidoscopic epic after another, Skeletons are possibly our all time favourite US act".
 No.4 Swans - "The Seer" 
(Young God)
" A smoothie of their entire behemoth of a career this far. Swans are verging on Classical". 

No.5  - Viv Albertine - "The Vermilion Border" 
(Cadiz Music)
"Viv Albertine is the UK's most true and soulful raconteur, Post Post Punk?"

No.6 - Brian Eno - "Lux" 
"Eno, back in Ambient land shows he's still a master of freezing time. Achingly beautiful"

No.7 - The Eccentronic Research Council - "1612 Underture" 
(Finders Keepers)
"If John Peel were still alive, The ERC would be his favourite band, we tell thee"

No.8 - Carter Tutti Void - "Transverse" 
"The thick inky pulse & slash of Carter Tutti Void rearranges your insides to mush"

No.9 - Hirsute Pursuit  - "Tighten That Muscle Ring" 
(Cold Spring)

No.10 - Flying Lotus - "Until The Quiet Comes" 

 No.11 - Sinkane - "Mars" 

No.12 - Damien Jurado - "Maraqopa" 
(Secretly Canadian)

No.13 - Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Seeds" 
(Epistrophik Pea)

 No.14 - Fort Romeau - "Kingdoms" 
(100% Silk)

No.15 - Death Grips - "The Money Store" 

No.16 - Deerhoof - "Breakup Song" 

No.17 - Konx-Om-Pax - "Regional Surrealism" 
(Planet Mu)

No.18 - North Atlantic Oscillation - "Fog Electric" 
(K Scope)

No.19 - School Of Seven Bells - "Ghostory" 
(Full Time Hobby)

No.20 - Actress - "R.I.P." 
(Honest Jon's)

No.21 - Seahawks - "Aquadisco" 
(Ocean Moon)

No.22 - Clare & The Reasons - "KR-51" 
(Frog Stand Records)

No.23 - The Crystal Ark - "The Crystal Ark" 

No.24 - X-TG - "Desertshore - The Final Report" 

No.25 - Kilo Kish - "HomeSchool" 
(Blue Rider)

No.26 - Maria Minerva - "Will Happiness Find Me?" 
(Not Not Fun)

No.27 - Maria Rodés - "Sueno Triangular" 
(BCore Disc)

No.28 - Clark - "Iradelphic" 

No.29 - Billow Observatory - "Billow Observatory" 

No.30 - Melody's Echo Chamber - "Melody's Echo Chamber" 
(Fat Possum)

If you want to know what the other ones on the 300 strong shortlist were...
The whole list is here in monthly order.

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