#SoapSummary - Track 6 - “Sahara Wax Museum”


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Track 6.

“Sahara Wax Museum”


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What's It All About Then?...

"Money is no object and there are lights in the sky. 
All sorts of strange things can happen. 
Out in the Desert, Parties can be wild and so can the guests. 
New Hollywood meets old London Town beyond Area 51."

...And The Sound?

"Imagine if Clooney & Cruise wanted to buy Shakespeare’s Globe 
and relocate it to the middle of a Desert so as just them and their friends had access. 
Money no object. Plus there’s some strange neighbours out that way to boot. 
This track bizarrely started life with just a sample of a Geiger Counter. 
It sparked our brains in many different directions and just kept growing. 
Also, we’d seen, in 2019, one of the best, most intense live shows we’d ever been to. 
The South Bank hosted a show by Belgian Jazz Queen Melanie De Biasio.
 There was barely any lighting in the house. It was like visiting Twin Peaks. 
Her thundering improvised crescendos were only matched by her pin-drop silent vacuums. 
The sound filled your whole body. 
A close relative of the above, we’ve always been fans of ‘Exotica’ Music too.
 Evocative soundsmiths like Les Baxter and Martin Denny are regulars on our decks. 
We’ve tried to merge the two in the same track in the hope it would flow. 
This is the rather relentless result of all of the above."


Special Guests:

All Voices:  Aurora Lee. 

Song Credits - Barrett / Lee
Sounds & Production: The Soap Company. 
Recorded At The Space Station (Wallington Sy),  Autorotation HQ (Deptford).

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