#SoapSummary - Track 7 - “Subterranean Bloomingdale's”


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Track 7.

Subterranean Bloomingdale's


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What's It All About Then?...

"Solitary shopping trips to a decaying store. 
A metaphor for a fading life. 
The shelves become bare. 
The life and soul evaporated. 
People don’t visit anymore. 
A heartfelt hymn to a lost loved one."

...And The Sound?

"An unused sound bed created for the great Singer-Songwriter, our friend Dan Whitehouse. 
Bare bones as it was, it was liked from afar by a good friend of ours. 
When she left us, we dug it out and decided to turn it into a simple hymn in tribute. 
We bolstered the Church Organ and ramped up the strings. 
Aurora has a beautifully trained Choral voice, and the wonderful Kirsten is an expert Operatic. 
Having the two of them on one song was a dream, speaking of which (See Track 8)..."


Special Guests:

Choral Vocal:  Aurora Lee. 

Operatic Vocal - Kirsten Morrison

Song Credits - Barrett / Lee / Morrison
Sounds & Production: The Soap Company. 
Recorded At The Space Station (Wallington Sy), 
Autorotation HQ (Deptford). Dali’s Dungeon (North London).

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