#SoapSummary - Track 8 - “The Observatory”

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Track 8.

“The Observatory


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What's It All About Then?...

The dream is real. Seeing everything, but not being able to get close or join in. 
Time passes. Waves crash. Isolated. No signal. 
All she can do is lead us home. No pain now though. 
We’ll meet again."

...And The Sound?

"We’ve never really had the nerve before. 
Sure we’ve done really long tracks, but they’ve been Ambient pieces or Jams. 
This time we HAD to do it. 
Fuelled by coming up with a Piano line out of pure ether, 
we created one of the toughest things we’ve ever done. 
Episodic...A real Dream set to Music. 
Classical into Choral into Trip-Hop into Ambient into Prog into Space Rock. 
Our sound inspirers? This has been going on in our heads forever. 
There’s sounds of The Sea and Space in there, both recurring themes with us.
 There’s our heroes Genesis, Yes, Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin, Spiritualized in there. 
A main source though, apart from the obvious subject herself, Yes Bassist, the late, great Chris Squire. 
His Album ‘Fish Out Of Water’ blew our brains apart Age 11. 
That’s DEFINITELY in there. 
Aurora’s versatile range of styles here convey the subject melancholia incredibly.
 Robyn’s superb, stately narration of a ‘real’ event, ingenious. 
This track was always meant to have been the album closer. 
This changed last minute. It dawned on us...we simply have to move on...(See Track 9)"


Special Guests:

All Vocals:  Aurora Lee. 

Attenborough's - Robyn Sellman

Song Credits - Barrett / Lee 
Sounds & Production: The Soap Company. 
Recorded At The Space Station (Wallington Sy), 
Autorotation HQ (Deptford). Dali’s Dungeon (North London).

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