The Soap Company - 2017

Even though we're making our own records, we post monthly mixes, album recommends, 'best of' lists and updates.

November 2017

Here's our Best of November mix. 40 top cuts, 192 Minutes of bliss...

Featuring:  Hyetal / Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy / James Holden & The Animal Spirits / Dawn People / Hypnotic Brass Ensemble / Angel Olsen / EERA / Nora Fischer, Ragazze Quartet & Remco Menting
Rabit / Bianca Stücker / Empire Of The Sun / Charlotte Gainsbourg / Úlfur / Stefano Guzzetti / Bitchin Bajas / Sampa The Great / Tennis / Sufjan Stevens / Xeaoxa / Amusement Parks On Fire
Bee Tricks / The Golden Filter / Teleman / Fujiya And Miyagi / Yaeji / Rone / Jonti / Golden Teacher / Prins Thomas / 30/70 
Djrum / The Hacker / Pinkshinyultrablast / Gingerlys / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds / Godflesh / Mano Le Tough / Satoshi Fumi / Digitalism / Ishq

Full Track List HERE

There's also a Spotify Playlist containing 38 of the 40 tracks 

Also...Here's 20 brilliant albums released this month.
Click the covers and you'll have an instant stream link (in most cases)
Have a check, then vote with your ears, buy physical copies or download them, or catch the acts live...
Let's keep these parties going.


30-70 - Elevate (Rhythm Section International)

Bee Tricks - Lazy Lazy (Petrol Chips)

Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Fresh (Drag City)

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest (Because Music)

Dawn People - The Star Is Your Future (DFA)

EERA - Reflection Of Youth (Big Dada)

Fujiya And Miyagi - Different Blades From The Same Pair Of Scissors (Fujiya And Miyagi)

Gingerlys - Gingerlys (Babe City Records)

Godflesh  - Post Self (Avalanche)

Golden Teacher - No Luscious Life (Golden Teacher)

Ishq - Sen (Txt)

James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits (Border Community)

Jonti - Tokorats (Stones Throw)

Karine Polwart With Pippa Murphy - A Pocket Of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon? (Sour Mash Records)

Nora Fischer, Ragazze Quartet & Remco Menting - The Secret Diary Of Nora Plain (Excelsior Recordings)

Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas 5 (Prins Thomas Musikk)

Rone - Mirapolis (Infiné)

Sampa The Great - Birds And The BEE9 (Big Dada)

Stefano Guzzetti - Japanese Notebooks (Stella Recordings)

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